We invite you to read experiences of past clients:

"We had the absolute pleasure of welcoming Georgia into our family circule for four days while travelling Costa Rica.

From the moment our 5 yo daughter met Georgia, it was clear to me that we had made the right choice in hiring her. It wasn’t clear however, until I came back from leaving my 5 month old daughter alone for the first ever with Georgia, that I realised how special she really is.

Georgia’s ability to calm both of the girls with her soothing energy is something no one else has been able to do. I literally couldn’t believe it when I walked into a quiet house to find all three of the girls hanging out together with smiles on their faces.

The only regret we have was not having had more time with her.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts, Tiny Toes, for allowing all of us to enjoy our time that much more while in paradise".

- Kara MacDonald  

"Georgia was excellent at providing our family with a safe babysitting service while we stayed in Tamarindo, highly recomendable".

- Jose Mario Bolaños

"Georgia was an amazing babysitter! She took care of my cousin's 2 year old while she was in town in Tamarindo, and she handled the child really well... considering it's a really hyper child. I was able to go enjoy a relaxing dinner with my friends and cousin". 

- Andres Gonzalez